Outstanding Products That Promote Energy Efficiency

Whether you are the owner of a commercial establishment or industrial facility, Bratic Enterprises, LLC in Royal Oak, MI can help you save on energy costs. We take pride in having the most energy-efficient products available in the market. Our products are specifically designed to consume as little power as possible.

We are your trusted source for indoor and outdoor LED lighting, grow lights for horticultural and agricultural greenhouses, as well as destratification fans. Also, we offer HVAC engineering and equipment, including natural gas-powered heat pumps, chillers, and boilers.

With the right energy-saving equipment, your daily operations will be more cost-effective and benefit you in the long run. Reach out to Bratic Enterprises, LLC today.

LED Lighting

Commercial Lighting

Interior Applications

  • 2’, 4’, 6’, and 8’ linear lighting
  • 2’, 4’, 6’, and 8’ vapor-tight lighting
  • 2’, 4’, and 8’ LED tubes
  • 2x2, 1x4, and 2x4 office lay-in troffers
  • A19 bulbs
  • Common area lighting
  • High-bay lighting
  • Low-bay lighting
  • Mid-bay lighting
  • Recessed/surface mount cans
  • Stairwell lighting
Industrial Lighting

HVAC Engineering

  • Natural gas-powered boilers
  • Natural gas-powered chillers
  • Natural gas-powered heat pumps